Book stack

SKV Q1 Book Club: The Behavior Gap

APRIL 9th 

Every quarter, we carefully select an inspiring book focusing on personal finance and/or personal growth. While we’d love for you to share a takeaway or two in book club “style” — nothing is required. For those eager to discuss and express their thoughts, we'll host our club meetings (via Zoom) at the end of each quarter. For Q1 of 2024, our book choice is: “The Behavior Gap” by Carl Richards and our “Book Club Meeting” will be Tuesday, April 9th, at 7pm.

Past Events

Bull School: Oh Behave! Behavioral Finance 101

February 6th

This month's investing fundamentals topic will be behavioral investing. Financial Advisor Michael Kaminski CFP®, will host Zoom conversations introducing investing fundamentals. All experience levels are welcome. All sessions are hosted from 7-8pm.

SKV Q4 Book Club: Atomic Habits 

December 14th

Once a quarter we choose a thought-provoking book on the topic of personal finance/personal growth. By participating in the book club, you will receive a copy of the book. We host our quarterly club “meeting” (via Zoom) at the end of each quarter for those interested in discussing and sharing their thoughts! For Q4, our book choice was: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear!

Ask a Pro with a Death Doula

October 16th

After a century of outsourcing death care to hospitals and funeral homes, individuals are revisiting the idea of dying at home, and families are finding themselves in a new role of becoming caregivers to the dying. Death Doulas are emerging on the scene as an essential role in the future of death care and as forerunners of the
Death Positive movement, a culture shift ushering in a positive mindset around death as part of living well.