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Ask a Pro with Sisu Systems


Would you like to improve your cognitive function, including memory, attention, and visual-spatial skills as you age? Then join us for our next Ask a Pro session with Sisu Systems’ Director of Nutrition, Kristen Hamilton, DCN, RDN, CSSD. In this presentation, Kristen will highlight brain nutrients for cognitive function while focusing on a dietary plan for brain health using the MIND diet!

Past Events

Ask a Pro with Lincoln Perry

June 6th

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, or just unsure in an art museum? In celebration of his newest publishing, Seeing Like an Artist, Lincoln Perry will discuss how, “any artist, art‐lover, or museumgoer” can grow their appreciation of art. Join us for our next Ask a Pro, How to Enjoy an Art Museum with Artist Lincoln Perry!

Where to Go with Ask a Pro

April 26th

Five Senses Journeys join the SKV Group Zoom room for a quarterly travel segement, "Where to Go with Ask a Pro". Destinations range from domestic to international travel. Rochelle DeBaun takes participants on a comprehensive overview of fabulous destinations and how to plan for trips of a lifetime or across multiple generations. April's destination was African Safaris!

Bull School: Are Donor Advised Funds a Good Idea?

April 18th

Financial Advisor Michael Kaminski CFP®, hosts a quarterly "Bull School" Zoom conversation, introducing investing and financial literacy fundamentals. All experience levels are welcome.